Mechanics Links

Added 11/25/13:  Calculus Better Explained

Added 11/16/13:  James Watt and the Steam Engine (14:29)

Added 10/29:  Some great animations linking circular motion to linear motion (Chap 15)   Here is a good one . . . be sure to scroll down.

Added 9/21:  Phillip did it again.  Mesmerizing!

Added 9/19:  Tip of the hat to Phillip:  THis is the best gif I have ever seen on how a car engine works.

9/8/13:  The Strobe Light Effect.  Love Mehdi!

8/29/13: BIG tip of the hat to Phillip for suggesting this website.  It is uber important if you want to know more about how a car engine works.  It is a series of videos, I’ve watched one so far, but I think I will really enjoy these.

8/23/13:  Michael suggested this one. Don’t do this at home, but I would like to try it in class one day with goggles / fire extinguisher / gloves  etc.   

4/9/13 (tip of the hat to Carlie):  Mantis Shrimp = Awesome


3/30/13:  Worm Bot

3/29/13:  This one just makes me happy

3/29/13:  Quad Copters do awesome combo balancing

3/24/13 RIchard Feynman -Physical Laws (part 2)

3/24/13 Richard Feynman discusses gravitation

7/1/12  Click here for: MIT Mechanics Lectures by Walter Lewin

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