Electromag Links

9/11: A great website from MIT for visualizing E&M (you have to have Shockwave installed (it’s a free download) 

7/2/14: Seems like a pretty organized collection of EM lectures. I haven’t watched too many of them, but they might appeal to you.

12/18/13:  Great short E&M animation

12/6/13: Fantastic website for the Electromag equations

9/2/13:  Great website with lots of E&M graphics

7/3/13: The E&M fields above Macbooks and other electronic devices visualized. (2:00) by Wired Magazine

6/8/13: The Induction Motor, Rotating Magnetic Field (10:28)

12/18/12: Click here for a great website that talks about a gazillion cool things, but this particular part is on electromagnetics

12/6/12:  Click here for interactive solutions to problems from the book:  Maxwell’s Equations

7/1/12:  Click here for:  MIT Electromagnetism lectures by Walter Lewin

7/11/12:  Click here for:  Dr. Radi Jishi Electromagnetics lectures

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